How Covid-19 Will Introduce New Opportunity For Remote Work

If you asked me what I would be doing in April at the beginning of the year, just like many of you, I would’ve told you I would be enjoying the spring weather, spending time with friends and family, going to the gym, and continuing with business as usual. Never in my wildest imagination would […]

HSA vs. HRA – The Key Differences

Health insurance premiums have been surging over the past several years, and as a way to offset the increases in cost, individuals are opting to enroll in a HRA or HSA account. These accounts are easily confused because their names are so similar, and they do have many similarities, but many key differences as well. […]

How Coronavirus is Changing Telehealth

In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, you might have heard The Trump administration and public-health officials urging consumers to use telehealth services to get remote treatment, fill prescriptions, and get medical attention, rather than running the risk of becoming exposed to the Coronavirus at your local Urgent Care or Primary Care Physician’s office, or […]